Volunteer Opportunities

Spellbinders Storytellers                                        


The Denver Spellbinders program works to build community through storytelling in the schools. Spellbinders provide 20-30 minute storytelling sessions in the classroom, sharing fairy tales, folk tales, literary tales, legends, personal experiences, and other stories of interest. Participation in monthly Spellbinders meetings helps volunteers to hone their storytelling skills and maintain connections with other group members.

Chess Clubs


Volunteers are needed to teach chess in the schools and to help run chess clubs for interested students. Individuals may also help chess clubs acquire necessary equipment, provide snacks for weekly meetings, and organize student participation in area tournaments.

Classroom Assistants

classroom assitant

Individuals are always needed to assist teachers in helping the classroom run smoothly. Volunteers may lead small group activities, assist in coordinating large-group efforts, and help students individually as needed.

Community Study Hall Tutoring


Evening study setting for students, where homework and special projects are completed with the help of a community volunteer. Student and volunteer meet once a week for 1-1/2 hours to work together one-to-one. A supervising teacher is always on site at each of the 25 geographically diverse sites.

Parents on Patrol (POPS)


Parents are needed to keep an eye on activities that occur during school hours in hallways, on playgrounds and in activity areas to assure a smooth and effective day for all.

Reading Partners


Reading Partners empowers you to make a real difference by tutoring students who are reading 1 month to 2.5 years below grade-level. No prior experience is required. Teach fundamental reading skills using our easy-to-follow curriculum, and inspire a love of reading in a student. Tutoring takes place Monday-Thursday, 8AM-4PM at our 14 school locations in DPS and requires only 1 hour a week. Sign up or ask questions at www.readingpartners.org or call 720-409-9909.

Destination Imagination

di-logo (2)

Challenging problems are presented to teams of students with a timeline for completion. Team coaches are needed in the spring of each year, along with judges for the competitions. Destination Imagination is a greatly energizing experience for all involved.

Breakfast Buddies

breakfast buddies

Individuals are needed to assist students who sometimes arrive not quite fully prepared for the day. Volunteers assist with the selection of weather-appropriate clothing, keep students company during breakfast, and help them tidy up before class begins.


Grant Writing


Schools can utilize the skills of good writers to assist in the pursuit of funds for greatly needed programs that enhance education.



Mentors for specific students with similar interests and abilities can propel students and volunteers to new heights of achievement. Tutorial assistance or the offer of friendship can prepare students for success in ongoing and lasting ways.

Scholarship Funds/Opportunities

The establishment of a scholarship for individual schools or student qualities provides tremendous incentive to students. Parents and students often need assistance in researching scholarship opportunities and qualifications.

Science Fairs

Students are inspired by adult expertise and imagination in the design and completion of science projects for annual school fairs. Problem solving is always more productive with the help of a friend.

Shadowing Programs

Opportunities for students to “shadow” or follow community volunteers through a particular activity, day, or project offer tremendous insights to the application of education in the real world. Individual opportunities can be facilitated to meet the specific needs of both students and business.

Spanish Language

Many classrooms can utilize additional help from volunteers who have Spanish-speaking ability or other language skills. These individuals can assist students with both Spanish and English language learning in the classroom.

Speakers Bureau

Speakers on various issues are often sought for presentations to students, parents, and staff. Topics include personal interest issues, developmental concerns, career opportunities, motivation, self-esteem, etc.

Student Service Learning

Businesses team with students to provide a needed service to the community such as the renovation of a park, neighborhood cleanup, holiday meal serving at homeless shelters, etc.

FIRST Robotics (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology)

FIRST designs accessible, innovative programs to build self-confidence, knowledge and life skills while motivating young people to pursue opportunities in science, technology and engineering. NASA declares this program, most effective program we have seen since NASA was established in 1959. Volunteers are needed to mentor, coach, and help students design, build and test a robot.  Volunteers serve a highly important role in providing one-on-one tutoring for students requiring additional help all subjects. Literacy and math tutoring are especially needed. All volunteer opportunities offer orientation and ongoing training to interested community members. We welcome all interested individuals and organizations to join in the challenge of helping students succeed. For further information, contact the Office of Volunteer Services – 720-423-1817 or volunteer_services@dpsk12.org

Career Fairs

Fairs illustrating the connection between academic/technical ability and career fields offer students a safe environment for structuring goals. Clarification of the similarities and differences between industries is very useful at all grade levels.

Drives for In-Kind Goods  Students are in constant need of school supplies, books, clothing, eyeglasses, dental work, sports equipment, etc. All drives for the in-kind donation of goods and services are welcomed. They provide business with a terrific opportunity to pull together for the common good of our students.



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