Intergenerational Volunteer Opportunities


Storytellers are very much appreciated by students and teachers alike. Storytellers share cultural legends and folklore, fairytales, and personal experiences so all students can appreciate the rich heritage of all cultures. Training is provided to assist storytellers with speaking techniques and story material.


Grandpals are welcome in individual classrooms and schools to assist with special projects. For instance, a GRANDPAL may work with a teacher to help design and implement a science project that may evolve over the course of several months. Theater projects, musical productions, computer programs, etc., can all benefit from the expertise of volunteers.

Reading Tutors

Reading Tutors are needed to help elementary students practice their reading skills. Volunteers will listen to oral practice and assist students with difficult words. Students will also enjoy being read to. A commitment of at least one semester is required. Training is provided.

Math Tutors

Math Tutors are needed to assist students with math, especially subtraction, addition, multiplication and division skills. Drill study and assistance with problem solving sessions are most useful. A commitment of at least one semester is required. Training is provided when necessary.

Mentor Friends

Mentor Friends are needed to work individually with students who need an extra boost in order to achieve their full potential. Volunteers will be matched, based on common interests and compatibility with students, to work on subject areas where the student requires tutorial assistance and support. Volunteers are placed based on comfort with subject area. A commitment of at least one semester is required. Training is provided.

Connecting Generations

Connecting Generations is an intergenerational mentoring program offered by the Denver Urban Gardens where volunteers support youth development, both social and academic, through garden and nutrition-related activities. Mentors are able to share their wisdom with elementary students by participating in year-round, weekly lessons that integrate science, math and reading skills both in the classroom and the school garden. For example, mentors may work with a small group of students as they prepare meals, plant, weed, water, harvest and create art in the garden. With this program, we strive to create an environment for healthy eating and active living for both students and mentors alike.

Contact DENVER URBAN GARDENS at 303-292-9900 or for more information

School Office

School Office volunteers are greatly appreciated by entire school faculties in the assistance of daily routines or special projects.

School Library

School Library volunteers assist the librarian with routine tasks (sorting, cataloging, book covering, etc.), and may be asked to help students (i.e., locate research materials, select books for reading pleasure) or help with special projects such as library promotion programs.

Grandparents Who Care

Grandparents Who Care is a grass roots organization with one simple mission: To mobilize the resources and wisdom of one generation- “Grandparents” – to care for and support another generation- “Our Children”. “Grandparents” volunteer at least one hour per week in a classroom.


Gardeners are welcome to help elementary school students plant and maintain a garden over the course of one season. May include beginning seedlings in classroom, preparing garden plot, planting, watering, weeding, harvest, and sharing of meal from garden yield. Will work with classroom teachers, principal, and other volunteers.

School Boosters

School Boosters are needed to assist with school spirit and support activities. Boosters may adopt an athletic or academic team and attend competitions, become a patron of artistic performance events, or assist generally with the public relations efforts of the school.


Coaches are needed to assist in intramural activities in basketball, softball, track, and wrestling. Students on teams will vary in age from 11 to 14. Volunteers will assist school coaches with coaching duties such as drill, checking in and out of equipment, keeping scores/statistics for individual players, etc.


Puppeteers are always welcome in our classrooms, as they provide a special art form to kids. Again, the nature of stories told is extremely valuable to the creative maturity of students.

Set Design And Construction

Set Design And Construction is an area of great creativity that always can use a hand.

Create Your Own Program

Create Your Own Program! If you can think of a new and innovative way to interact with students in schools, we are open to hearing about it. Let us know what you have in mind, and we will make every effort to link you with an appropriate school and faculty!


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