Volunteering at DPS

If you are a community member, and would like to be placed in a DPS program or school, please contact the Office of Volunteer Services at 720.423.1817 or volunteer_services@dpsk12.org. If you are the parent/grandparent/cousin/sibling/etc. of a DPS student, and would like to volunteer with the student or the student’s school, please contact the school secretary or volunteer liaison.

The Office of Volunteer Services oversees the parent and community volunteer application and background check process. The Volunteer Services staff is committed to providing volunteers information and resources needed to comply with the DPS volunteer background check process.

Individuals volunteering on a regular basis* are required to undergo a background check.

  • An individual wishing to volunteer on a regular basis beyond with his/her child
  • A parent volunteering to assist a group of students in their child’s classroom
  • Parent(s) that will be responsible for a group of students on a field trip

Who does NOT need a background check?

1. Parents volunteering to assist their child – Parents volunteering to assist only their child in the classroom are not required to undergo a background check.

2. Teen Volunteers – Volunteers 17 and younger are not required to undergo a background check. However, they are required to complete a volunteer application which is kept on file with the assigned school’s main office.

3. Occasional Volunteers – Individuals wishing to volunteer on an occasional* basis, i.e., career day, field day, etc., while supervised by DPS staff, are not required to complete the volunteer background check process.

*The definition of occasional basis is defined by the frequency of volunteering. An average of volunteering 3-5 times throughout the year usually falls under the “occasional basis” category. Administrators who require further information about the frequency definition should contact the Office of Volunteer Services.


More information about the categories of volunteers and instructions to completing the volunteer background check forms can be found on the Volunteer Background Check Categories flyers.


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